What Makes Our Office Cleaning Services So Business-friendly? 

Our operative philosophy is simple – we want you to notice the results of our effort, not the AMC London cleaners. To achieve that we observe the following principles:

Flexible scheduling

The AMC office cleaning crews operate seven days per week, including Bank and National Holidays. This longer working timetable allows us to adjust to all your requirements concerning the scheduling options. 

We understand that your employees are under enough stress to meet their daily tasks. The last thing they want to face is any sort of disruption of the working process, especially for sanitary purposes. We usually schedule more manageable and less time-consuming tasks just before or after the office hours. Our crews perform the overall maintenance and deep-clean procedures during the weekend or holidays. 

Special training for treating office equipment

All our technicians go through detailed training for the cleaning of specific office electronic devices – printers, scanners, wifi modems, projectors, etc. We pay particular attention to the treatment of computers – screens and peripherals (keyboard, mouse). Our cleaners employ carefully selected skin-friendly detergents and take special care to avoid any clumsy accidents. 

Document-treatment policy

Most office workers treat their working station as a creative sanctum, a safe haven where they have full control over their possessions, documents included. We understand and respect that. Our cleaners receive specific instructions NEVER to throw away any documents, even hand-written pieces of paper. The desk cleaning and polishing may require us to move some papers, but we limit even that action to the bare minimum. 

What Additional Cleaning Services For Office Premises Do We Provide?

When you book an office maintenance package with Americana Commercial Cleaning, its primary focus is the treatment of the office interior. Every office manager would argue, however, that the external maintenance of the premises is equally important. Recognising that principle, we have come up with the following premium cleaning services for our London customers:

  • Hard floor cleaning – suitable for large office buildings with spacious lobbies or foyers. With the help of our heavy-duty equipment, we can remove any stretch-marks or stains from granite, marble or terracotta floors. Diamond-pad gloss and anti-slippery treatment are included in the price!
  • High-rise window cleaning – performed by some of the leading London specialists in the field, the service ensures the perfect look of your building facade. We employ abseiling-rope systems, cradles, and hydraulic platforms to access any area on the exterior front, regardless of location or height.
  • Steam pressure washing – a multi-functional treatment method for removing oil stains, dirt, paint, graffiti, etc. We can work on concrete, brick and mortar walls, asphalt, metals, or carpentry. The procedure delivers outstanding results for driveways, walkways, sidewalks, parking areas, railings, fences, etc. 
  • Cleaning for office restaurants and canteens – we provide top-notch specialised treatment for professional kitchen equipment, including industrial-grade fryers, ovens, grills and burners, ventilation systems and aspirators.